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SDC discusses the importance of infiltration testing and how we incorporate the information discovered during the test into our designs.

Feasibility studies are recommended before a developer finalizes the purchase of a property, a due diligence period, because they can bring to light issues that may increase costs to the point of making a project economically infeasible. For example, at times low-priced land may be significantly costlier to develop than its high-priced counterparts. Generally, a feasibility study will end up being just a small percentage of overall project costs and can usually tell you a great deal about a project, which allows the land developer to make a truly informed decision.

It is hard to deny the brook trout is a vital part of the ecosystem of many of Pennsylvania’s rivers and streams. This fish is an easy indicator of high quality water and the decline clearly shows that more conservation efforts must be realized.

Wetlands 101

August, 2016

Prior to the 1980’s wetlands in Pennsylvania were disappearing at an alarming rate. In recent years, an emphasis has been placed on environmental preservation in conjunction with new development. This can be shown in new, stricter stormwater management requirements and in the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s (PADEP) new regulations, permitting processes, and educational outreach programs.

This is the third article in a series that will detail the importance of rain gardens, as well as how to maximize rain garden performance on your site including site preparation, installation, plant selection, signs of a healthy rain garden, and maintenance.

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