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Religious Projects

Designing creative plans for religious facilities 


Living Hope Church

The Project included a 25,000 s.f., House of Worship which will provide seating for 560 individuals. SDC coordinated with regulatory officials to obtain the necessary approvals, revisions, and permits.

The project required coordination with PA DEP and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to permit construction activities adjacent to the existing stream channel and wetlands. The proposed utility extensions required extensive coordination with the local sewer authority, water company, and PennDOT to obtain the necessary approvals. Additional challenges included the sight distances along Schoolhouse Road, a PennDOT maintained roadway. Due to inadequate sight distances, the proposed driveway location was relocated to cross over lands owned by two (2) electric utility companies. In order to secure the necessary easements and permits, SDC assisted the Church with coordination to purchase two (2) additional parcels from the electric utility companies and provided easements for the electric infrastructure. The Church now has a total acreage of 25.7 acres to develop in phases as the congregation grows.

Religious Projects - Living Word Community Church

Hayshire United Methodist Church

Expansion to an existing church facility in Manchester Township, York County. Improvements included a 5,000 s.f. building addition, expansion of an existing parking lot and construction of a new parking area to add another 44 new spaces. Additional improvements included stormwater management facilities and landscaping.

Religious Projects - Hayshire United Methodist Church

Living Word Community Church

Living Word Community Church had outgrown its existing facility and needed to expand in a big way. After securing a 33 acre undeveloped parcel in York Township, the church’s building committee engaged SDC to assist with zoning approvals, site planning and permitting for their ambitious project. The project included a 90,000 s.f. House of Worship which provided seating for 1,500. To reduce construction costs, the site was designed to match existing grade as much as possible to reduce earthwork. Additional services included design of future expansion, a private sanitary sewer pump station, PennDOT permitting for the access drive, and stormwater management controls.

Religious Projects - Living Word Community Church

Water’s Edge United Methodist Church

Phased construction of a new House of Worship for the Water’s Edge United Methodist Church congregation in Chanceford Township, York County. The project consisted of three phases of building construction, future parking area, and stormwater management controls. The site will be served by on-lot water supply and sanitary sewer disposal service. The entire project will be constructed on an undeveloped 18 acre parcel.

Religious Projects - Water's Edge United Methodist Church

Mt. Zion Baptist Church

A master site plan was completed for future expansions of this church. The expansions had included a 13,000 s.f. addition with a 360 seat sanctuary. SDC services included schematic layout of the site, color renderings, and feasibility studies to determine the best use of the existing church property. SDC worked closely with the architect and Building Committee to optimize the area and be cost efficient to construct.

Religious Projects - Mt. Zion Baptist Church

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