Are Plastic Roads the Next Big Thing?




Rottendam, a Dutch city, could become the first place in the world to pave its streets with recycled plastic. Yes, you read that right. This new type of road surface has been hailed as a greener and more durable alternative to asphalt.

Dutch construction company, VolkerWessels, recently released plans for road surfaces made completely of recycled plastic. Supposedly the recycled plastic will require less maintenance than asphalt, can withstand greater temperature extremes (from -40 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius), can be laid quicker than traditional roads, and will last about three times as long. Need more convincing that plastic roads might be the next trend in civil construction materials?

  • Plastic roads are lighter than traditional
  • These roads are hollow so pipelines and cables can easily be installed beneath
  • The roads can be prefabricated, reducing time of onsite construction
  • Lighter materials make for more efficient, greener transport

Currently, plastic roads are just an idea. However, in the near future testing of the proposed roads in different weather conditions will begin. Rottendam has offered to run trials and has embraced the innovative idea of recycled roadways. What do you think? Are plastic roads the next big thing?

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