Brewery Products Company

Springettsbury Township, York County, PA

  • 8.42 acre site
  • 32,000 SF building expansion
  • Zoned: G-I - General Industrial & R-7, Small Single Family Residential

Founded in 1965, Brewery Products Company (BPC) had outgrown its existing warehouse space and engaged Site Design Concepts to help expand and reconfigure their facilities, without disrupting the business’ operations.

The Project included the consolidation of the five (5) existing BPC parcels into one (1) parcel, demolition of an existing maintenance building, and the design and permitting of a 32,000 SF warehouse addition. Reconfigured access drives and parking areas, relocated and expanded truck docks, landscaping, grading, and stormwater management facilities were also included in our Work.

Mapped FEMA floodplains posed a challenge for this project’s design. With nearly half the Site included in the FEMA designated 100-year floodplain, SDC designed the site to not impact the water surface elevation during the 100-year event while protecting BPC’s newest investment.

SDC utilized its knowledge and experience to develop a No-Rise Certification Report and worked with the municipality to illustrate the negligible impact of the development. SDC also designed the stormwater management system to meet municipal regulations for stormwater discharge assuming the system would become inundated during the flood events.

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