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Englerth Named Chairman of RACY Board



Tom Englerth was recently elected Chairman of the Redevelopment Authority of the County of York (RACY) by Authority members. Mr. Englerth was appointed to the Authority in 2008 by the York County Commissioners and has served as Vice Chairman for the last seven years. He replaces Mr. Austin Hunt who retired from RACY in July after 15 years of service.

RACY was formed in 1964 by the York County Commissioners as a vehicle specifically aimed to redevelop blighted industrial sites, dangerous conditions, and to forge innovative strategies for redevelopment projects throughout York County. The mission of RACY is to undertake redevelopment and the continued revitalization of the County of York, using partnerships while engaging citizens in a community vision for growth. RACY has been instrumental in reducing blight in York County by taking on projects that redevelop or rehabilitate properties across the entire county. Their role can include holding title to a property while it is being environmentally remediated and developed, securing grant and loan funding, or assisting with master planning and blight designation. RACY can also serve as the Issuing Authority for Tax Increment Financing (TIF) projects as dictated by Urban Redevelopment Law.

Mr. Englerth expertise in redevelopment comes from his over twenty years of experience in land development design and surveying. He currently works as Project Development Manager at Site Design Concepts.

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