Dottie’s Family Market’s Greenhouse




Dottie’s Family Market has partnered with SDC and Keller Contracting LLC for schematic site planning, surveying, land development services, and the construction associated with their future greenhouse facility. Located adjacent to their existing family-owned market in Conewago Township, the new facility will feature seasonal offerings which include a wide variety of annual and perennial plants, succulents, seasonal vegetables and herbs, seeds, hanging baskets, and beautiful specialty planters during the Summer and Spring. Bins of pumpkins, gourds, hay bales, and corn stalks are featured in the Fall and are then replaced by Christmas trees and wreaths during the Winter. Make sure to visit Dottie’s Family Market in Dover, PA or Dottie’s Crab Shack in York, PA and support their longstanding local legacy. Be sure to follow SDC for more updates regarding our Clients and their innovative Projects and growth. (Renderings provided by Eric Brown)

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