Fox Run Creek Estates

Dover Township, York County, PA

  • 114 acre site
  • 194 lots
  • Zoned: ROS, Residential Open Space

Fox Run Creek Estates is designed as an open space residential subdivision consisting of 194 one-quarter to one-half acre single family detached dwelling lots. Phase one of the two phase project is comprised of 65 acres and includes 104 building lots, most of which have direct access to over 19 acres of common open space that will be used by residents for active and passive recreation.

Environmental permits for three proposed stream crossings and a culvert replacement, all slated for phase two of the project, were obtained in the initial phase one approval process. Along with the design and construction of over one mile of new public streets, other improvements in phase one included stormwater collection, conveyance, and detention/infiltration systems, BMP facilities, a boulevard style project entrance, and connections to existing utilities located adjacent to the Site.

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