Flatbush Athletics Complex

5000 Hanover Road Hanover, PA 17331

  • Approximately 184-acre Site
  • Located in both Union and Mount Pleasant Townships

The Flatbush Athletics Sports Center is planned to be a regional athletic event venue serving the community and surrounding area as a place to play, compete, and grow. Currently home to Flatbush Golf Course, the project area is comprised of two separate parcels that total approximately 184 acres. Undertaken by a local development family, the complex aims to serve the needs of Adams County youth sports programs, providing much-needed field space for practice and competition.

The proposed improvements depict various outdoor synthetic turf fields to be used for soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse, and an indoor field house is proposed in a future phase which includes a variety of potential uses. With these improvements also came some adjustments to their existing infrastructure, including reconfiguring the current golf course and improving the parking areas to accommodate the site’s new features. The project is currently in the early planning stages, including zoning approval and future design refinement.

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